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While touring the television and radio interview recently, I had the opportunity to listen to the story of a very successful business in Connecticut once was announced layoffs of 475 workers. What went wrong? CEO was interviewed and he said that their business was bad begun four years ago and their strategy is to reduce and eliminate costs since then. He continued to say that they were trying to avoid the fire service for the pair, but they no longer can. He apologized as to why this happened, including blaming the economy. The way he told past, he served companies and their employees all the victims of circumstances. In another interview, I saw the desperation of some of the workers have lost their jobs. They talk about the facts and circumstances as well as their fear of this happening. Obviously they never made any connection to the thoughts, their emotions and actions and what they've seen in the world outside of them. Never once in all the news, interviews and the next article I have ever heard or read about the innovative measures that the company has moved the business around. Instead, everyone from the CEO on down continue to focus on lack, limitations and external influences as the basis of their problem. The reaction to produce their tactics that are killing the business. People in this company, including chief executive, showed their ignorance of the law of sowing and reaping, also known as the law of causality. It is absolutely impossible to create a healthy, wealthy, successful business while keeping thoughts of worry and doubt, fear and anxiety and destructive actions. Whatever we think that in mind we have developed. This situation is effectively that we see, it is not the real reason that we see. One must dig down deep into the spirit of their stock to find out what that reason is. If they can not distinguish it, there are others who can. Now I have no doubt that there are people that support the activities the CEO has, so it is important to consider the results of any consultation. If you are following someone, make sure they are achieving good results. This business is no place today due to external conditions. CEO of this company's programmed for failure by the very act he was based on wrong thinking. What is he afraid of what he created and he will continue doing so until he changes his vision. There are many people who live and die and never know anything other than what has been handed down to ho.Tuy but once you change your vision, you will change the conditions. Only when we cease to recognize a condition that we cease to attract or create it. The only way we can end realize that change our minds about them. There are three enemies must be cleared out to achieve success in any endeavor. These are fear, anxiety / doubt and hesitation. They always go together. If a shy, backward or fear, fear will act as a brake to slow their progress. Fear is the main cause of failure, it can not be eliminated by drugs or a surgeon's knife. The only remedy is known for fear of understanding. This requires a commitment to research and apply what is learned. It definitely requires getting out of comfort zone - stop doing old things do not work. Because the seed of fear. Since the move into doubt. The two mixed together becomes scared. This process is often slow mixing, which is the main reason why these three very dangerous enemies. They are insidious and develop without the presence of them even noticed. Many times people fool yourself to think that they are being cautious when they really just fear. Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. One is a state of mind will set the course and direction of their future. Doubts and fears about the future is nonsense, but even worse, they would create an undesirable future. In contrast, success is determined to one of their actions and to a high standard hon.Khi right heart, to think correctly. The fact that someone wants to succeed as evidence that they have the power to succeed, otherwise they would not have been encouraged to aspire to success. Understand that you can not hope to succeed unless you can succeed. Desiring to create power; inspiring power of her mind, and success is the result of properly applying that inspiration. That success is how we learn to use the value 2 - time and our thoughts. Knowledge alone is not successful, that's how we use this knowledge ...

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