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The case of Song Hye Kyo is slandered mistress

A source said the actress Song Hye Kyo is suing 41 people spread rumors she has no clear relationship with politicians, who are willing to spend a small amount of money not to get into bed with her . Thepolice and investigating authorities also confirmed, Song Hye Kyohas filed a Seoul district court, bring out the relevant law.
Song Hye Kyo
In the complaint, Song Hye Kyo clearly: "From month to month12.2011 9.2008, many netizens believe the rumors I have a relationship with a politician named X and the relationship that has brought me some money not less from his purse. "
Last year, in an interview in October, when asked about this incident, Full House star said: "I have known about that and so badfor so-called giants of me. Inadvertently he I was drawn to this issueso far though, I have a contact with him. "
In contrast to the attitude of humility idol fans Song Hye Kyo provedvery frustrating: "Can not have something that is", "Without him, thenshe also has a lot of money then "..


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